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The Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Cocktail Syrups: Part 1

The Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Cocktail Syrups: Part 1

Welcome to the ultimate guide for all home cocktail enthusiasts and budding mixologists! If you've ever found yourself dreaming of crafting bar-quality cocktails right in your own kitchen, you know that the secret to a great drink goes beyond just the spirits—it's all about the syrup.

Yes, that sweet, flavorful concoction that brings depth, complexity, and that "wow" factor to your drinks. But with so many options out there, where do you start?

Whether you're shaking up a storm for a special occasion or just looking to unwind with a well-made drink after a long day, finding the right cocktail syrup can elevate your mixology game from good to extraordinary.

Criteria for choosing the best syrup retailers:

Your quest on where to buy cocktail syrup doesn’t stop with the first syrup you stumble upon. To enhance your cocktail experience, let’s dive into the 3 most important considerations. These benchmarks ensure you get the best value, quality, and ethical products for your home bar.

Price Range

Knowing the price range of cocktail syrups is key for anyone watching their wallet or willing to pay more for luxury. Prices vary widely, from $10 to over $30, based on brand and ingredient quality. Price matters because it helps match a syrup to your budget and desired quality.

Higher prices usually mean artisanal syrups with unique, organic ingredients that enhance your cocktails. Yet, there are also budget-friendly syrups that don't compromise on flavor. Finding the right balance between cost and quality gets you the most value.

Exclusivity of Products

Exclusivity matters for those wanting unique cocktails. Hard-to-find syrups bring a special twist, making your drinks stand out. They're often from small-batch producers focusing on unique flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Choosing exclusive syrups means elevating your cocktail game with distinctive, memorable creations.

Organic and Eco-friendly

Opting for organic and eco-friendly syrups supports a healthier lifestyle and planet. These syrups, free from synthetic chemicals, offer a purer taste and show a commitment to the environment.

Choosing them promotes sustainable farming and reduces your carbon footprint, aligning your cocktail choices with ethical consumption values.

10 Best Cocktail Syrup Stores

Bitters & Bottles

Bitters & Bottles is not a syrup manufacturer but it is a strong retail store contender. Serving as a one-stop shop for cocktail lovers and home bar enthusiasts, Bitters & Bottles boasts a vast array of over 2,000 craft spirits, mixers, tools, and syrups. Perfect for both novices and expert mixologists, it redefines the alcohol shopping experience into a curated adventure, akin to an "adult candy store."

Price Range

Bitters and Bottles offers syrups at an accessible price range from $6 to $23, appealing to everyone from cocktail beginners to avid enthusiasts. This affordability and wide selection ensure there's something for every budget, making it easy to explore and expand your cocktail repertoire without overspending.

Exclusivity of Products

The brand's ethos, "Demand Better Cocktails, Demand Bootblack Brand," speaks to their commitment to providing a superior cocktail experience. Bitters and Bottles enhances exclusivity with its quarterly subscription club, creating loyalty and excitement by offering subscribers access to special items in the Club Shop. With purchase limits, it ensures the uniqueness of its offerings, appealing to enthusiasts eager for rare ingredients to elevate their cocktails.

Organic and Eco-friendly

Since Bitters & Bottles doesn’t have a manufactured line-up of spirits, the store itself doesn’t explicitly highlight organic or eco-friendly products. However, its focus on craft and quality hints at a possible commitment to these principles.

Customers seeking sustainable and natural options may find suitable choices in their vast selection, but those specifically looking for organic and eco-friendly items should examine product details or contact the manufacturer to align purchases with their environmental values.

Bitters & Bottles: The Verdict

Bootblack Brand is perfect for cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders who value refined, natural flavors in their drinks. Their premium syrups cater to those who wish to experiment with complex, artisanal concoctions without the hassle of creating syrups from scratch. The brand's focus on quality and unique flavor combinations makes it a great choice for those looking to impress at home gatherings or enjoy a sophisticated cocktail experience. Additionally, their offerings are likely to appeal to gift seekers aiming to delight a cocktail lover with a penchant for high-quality, artisanal ingredients.

Bootblack Brand


Bootblack Brand, inspired by a moment of frustration over low-quality cocktails, embodies the spirit of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. Using natural ingredients, fresh produce, and botanicals, the brand has set a new standard in cocktail mixers, syrups, and sodas.

Their philosophy, "small batch - huge flavor," reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, appealing to those who value artisanal products in their cocktails and sodas.

Price Range

Bootblack Brand's products are priced in the $20 range positioning them in the mid-premium segment. This range reflects their focus on quality, natural ingredients, and artisanal production methods.

While the prices are higher than some mainstream options, they cater to consumers looking for superior taste and ingredient integrity in their cocktails and sodas.

Exclusivity of Products

Bootblack Brand stands out for its unique and complex flavor offerings, such as Ginger Cardamom Lime and Hibiscus Rose Cosmopolitan.

These distinctive mixers and syrups, designed for crafting modern interpretations of classic cocktails, offer a level of exclusivity and creativity not commonly found. Their approach caters to cocktail enthusiasts seeking to elevate their home bar with innovative and bold flavors.

Organic and Eco-friendly

Boot Black Brand's emphasis on natural ingredients and small-batch production suggests a mindful approach to sourcing and manufacturing.

Bootblack Brand: The Verdict

Boot Black Brand distinguishes itself with a commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and unique flavor profiles. Its premium pricing is justified by the artisanal approach and innovative offerings that promise to transform any cocktail experience.

The brand's ethos and product range resonate with eco-conscious consumers looking to indulge in high-quality, distinctive cocktail mixers and syrups.

Liber & Co.

Liber & Co.'s cocktail syrups are ideally suited for cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders seeking to elevate their mixology with unique and exclusive flavors, as well as gift seekers looking for sophisticated options for the cocktail aficionados in their lives. The brand's focus on real ingredients and distinct syrups also appeals to eco-conscious consumers who prioritize quality and sustainability, professional bartenders and mixologists aiming to diversify their offerings with standout drinks, and culinary adventurers eager to experiment with new flavors in their cooking and baking. Overall, Liber & Co. caters to a discerning audience that values the craftsmanship and depth of flavor in their cocktails and culinary creations.

Price Range

The products available vary in price, with cocktail syrups starting from $12.00 for new releases like the Pacific Strawberry Syrup and the Yakima Valley Peach Syrup. Seasonal items, such as the Lemon Lavender Cordial, are priced at $13.00, and other offerings like the Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup are available for $17.00. These prices suggest a moderate price range suitable for enthusiasts looking for quality cocktail ingredients.

Exclusivity of Products

Liber & Co. positions itself as crafting a suite of essential bar syrups "starting with real ingredients," aiming to help customers enjoy a world of better drinks. Their product lineup includes unique flavors and seasonal releases, indicating a focus on exclusive and specialized products. Customer testimonials highlighted on the website praise the uniqueness and quality of the syrups, reinforcing the brand's exclusivity in the cocktail syrup market.

Organic and Eco-friendly

While the summary doesn't specifically mention organic certification or eco-friendly practices directly, the emphasis on "real ingredients" and the positive customer feedback on the natural taste of their syrups suggest a commitment to quality and potentially more natural, less processed ingredients. However, for detailed information on organic certifications or specific eco-friendly practices (such as packaging, sourcing, or manufacturing processes), further investigation or direct inquiry to the company might be necessary.

Liber & Co: The Verdict

Liber & Co. offers a range of uniquely flavored cocktail syrups at a moderate price point, with a focus on exclusivity through real ingredients and seasonal products. 

Is it perfect for complete beginners? Given the price range and the focus on exclusive, high-quality ingredients, Liber & Co.'s products may not be the most budget-friendly option for complete beginners, especially for college students living in dormitories with limited budgets.

The products are moderately priced, with syrups starting from $12.00 and going up to $17.00 for certain items. While these are not exorbitantly priced, the cost could add up, especially if someone is looking to explore a variety of flavors or stock up on multiple bottles.

Portland Syrups

Portland Syrups specializes in crafting premium drink mixers and soda concentrates, offering a vibrant selection designed for both cocktail connoisseurs and mocktail enthusiasts. Founded in 2012, the brand has reimagined the beverage experience, enabling individuals to enjoy the craftsmanship of professional mixology from home. Their syrups serve as the perfect addition to a wide range of beverages, from cocktails to mocktails, infusing each drink with artisanal flavors.

Price Range

Portland Syrups offers their syrups at a consistent price point, with new releases like the Margarita Syrup and staples such as the Marionberry and Yuzu Syrups all priced at $14.00. This accessible pricing makes their products an attractive option for a broad audience, from seasoned mixologists to casual drink enthusiasts looking for quality mixers without breaking the bank.

Exclusivity of Products

The brand stands out for its handcrafted, small-batch concentrates, emphasizing artisanal production methods and unique flavor profiles. The exclusive nature of their syrups is showcased in their diverse range, from traditional favorites to innovative blends like Hibiscus Cardamom. Customer testimonials commend the unparalleled quality and taste of their syrups, highlighting their essential role in home bars and professional establishments alike.

Organic and Eco-friendly

While the website summary does not explicitly mention organic certification or specific eco-friendly initiatives, Portland Syrups' commitment to premium, carefully sourced ingredients suggests a nod towards more natural and potentially sustainable practices. Their focus on artisanal quality and flavor integrity may appeal to eco-conscious consumers interested in supporting brands with a dedication to craftsmanship and responsible sourcing.

Portland Syrups: The Verdict

Portland Syrups is perfect for cocktail enthusiasts, home bartenders, and mocktail lovers who value artisanal quality and unique flavors in their beverages. Their syrups offer a straightforward way to elevate any drink, making them a great choice for those looking to experiment with mixology at home. Additionally, their accessible price point and commitment to quality make them a thoughtful gift option for anyone passionate about the art of drink crafting.

Proof Syrup

Proof Syrup aims to simplify the art of crafting delicious cocktails with its range of all-natural syrups, enabling both novices and experienced bartenders to create perfect drinks in seconds. The brand prides itself on delivering hand-blended, balanced flavors that pair well with any spirit, promising a consistently excellent cocktail experience.

Price Range

Proof Syrup's offerings are designed to cater to various needs and preferences. For example, the sell 16 Oz. Cocktail Syrups for those looking to stock their home bars with versatile, quality mixers. for enthusiasts interested in experimenting with flavors or gifting, they have those small batches 4 Oz. Cocktail Syrups and Cocktail Bitters. The site also promotes Subscribe & Save options, showing their commitment to providing value alongside quality. The emphasis on premium, all-natural ingredients suggests a mid to high-tier price point, reflective of the brand's quality promise.

Exclusivity of Products

Proof Syrup stands out for its focus on craft-quality, all-natural syrups in a variety of flavors, from traditional Old Fashioned to inventive Maple Bacon. This emphasis on quality and unique blends appeals to cocktail enthusiasts seeking to elevate their home bartending without the complexity of crafting syrups from scratch. Raving customer reviews attest to the transformative effect of Proof Syrups on home cocktail experiences, highlighting the brand's position in the market as a purveyor of premium, easy-to-use cocktail ingredients.

Organic and Eco-friendly

While the emphasis on all-natural ingredients speaks to a dedication to quality and potentially more sustainable practices, there's no explicit mention of organic certification or specific eco-friendly initiatives. Customers drawn to natural products might find Proof Syrup's offerings align with their preferences, but those looking for certified organic or explicitly eco-conscious options might need further details, which could be obtained through direct inquiry.

Proof Syrup: The Verdict

Proof Syrup is ideal for cocktail enthusiasts looking for an easy way to achieve craft-quality drinks at home, Novice bartenders seeking simplicity without sacrificing quality in their drink-making endeavors and gift-givers searching for a unique, high-quality option for friends or family members who appreciate cocktails.

Overall, Proof Syrup offers a premium selection of cocktail syrups that promise ease of use and consistent quality, making it a valuable addition to any home bar and a great solution for those looking to impress guests or enjoy a craft cocktail experience without the usual effort.


In the quest to elevate your home mixology, selecting the right cocktail syrup is as crucial as choosing the perfect spirit. This comprehensive guide has introduced you to some of the best online retailers where quality, exclusivity, and ethical considerations converge to offer you the finest syrups for your cocktail crafting needs. From the artisanal and unique flavors of Bootblack Brand and Liber & Co. to the innovative and all-natural offerings of Portland Syrups and Proof Syrup, each brand presents a unique opportunity to enhance your cocktails, whether you're a seasoned bartender or just starting your mixology journey.

As we navigate through the myriad of options available, remember that the perfect syrup can transform a simple drink into a memorable cocktail experience. Price, exclusivity, and a commitment to sustainability and quality ingredients are key factors to consider in your selection process, ensuring that every sip aligns with your tastes, values, and budget.

But the exploration doesn't end here—this is only Part 1 of our 2-part article special designed to guide cocktail enthusiasts on their mixology journey. Stay tuned for the second installment, where we will continue to uncover more exceptional syrup sources, delve deeper into the world of cocktail craftsmanship, and provide further insights to refine your home bar. Keep your eyes peeled for the next half of this spirited adventure, and happy mixing!