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The Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Cocktail Syrups: Part 2

The Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Cocktail Syrups: Part 2

Welcome back to the second installment of our spirited journey into the heart of cocktail craftsmanship. In Part 1, we embarked on a quest to discover the finest syrups from around the globe, exploring how quality, exclusivity, and a commitment to ethical practices can elevate our home mixology to new heights. 

We introduced you to exceptional brands like Bootblack Brand, Liber & Co., Portland Syrups, and Proof Syrup, each offering unique contributions to the art of cocktail creation. As we continue our exploration, we'll dive even deeper into the world of cocktail syrups, uncovering more hidden gems and innovative creators that promise to enrich your cocktail experiences.

Whether you're refining your home bar or simply seeking to indulge in the joy of mixology, our guide is here to illuminate the path. So, let's raise our glasses to the next chapter in our mixology adventure, where every drop tells a story and every sip is a journey!

Criteria for choosing the best syrup retailers:

Choosing the right cocktail syrup involves three key factors: price, exclusivity, and eco-friendliness.

Prices vary, so pick a syrup that fits your budget without sacrificing quality—whether that's a luxurious artisanal syrup or an affordable, flavorful option. Exclusivity adds a unique twist to your drinks with rare, high-quality ingredients from small-batch producers, making your cocktails stand out. Lastly, opting for organic and eco-friendly syrups not only offers a purer taste but also supports sustainable practices, aligning your drink choices with environmental and ethical standards.

In essence, the ideal syrup should balance cost, uniqueness, and sustainability to perfectly complement your cocktail crafting. If you haven’t found the perfect brand with the blend of these 3 criterias for you, let’s start the 2nd half of your journey!

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon offers a standout cocktail subscription service, delivering themed cocktail boxes to your doorstep. More than just ingredients, each box crafts a full experience around a specific spirit, providing all you need (except the alcohol) to mix up several creative cocktails. Let's dive into how Shaker & Spoon measures up:

Price Range

Shaker & Spoon runs on a subscription basis, with customers paying a monthly fee for cocktail kits. Prices usually fall between $40 to $60, varying by subscription length and kit contents. This model suits those looking for convenience and a broad spectrum of cocktail recipes and ingredients, without the need to buy full-size bottles. However, the price range might be a bit steep for beginners just dipping their toes into mixology.

Exclusivity of Products

Shaker & Spoon's allure lies in the exclusivity of its cocktail boxes. Each month features a box themed around a specific spirit, packed with unique recipes from professional bartenders, plus all necessary syrups, bitters, mixers, and garnishes. This setup lets subscribers try their hand at exclusive recipes and rare ingredients, positioning Shaker & Spoon as a top pick for those eager to broaden their cocktail-making skills.

Organic and Eco-friendly

The website for Shaker & Spoon explicitly expresses their commitment to quality through their curated boxes, appealing to those valuing sustainability. While it doesn't directly state their use of organic or eco-friendly practices, the nature of their subscription model—sourcing premium ingredients for each unique box—suggests a level of care in selection. For those keen on organic and eco-friendly choices, delving into the specifics of their monthly offerings or contacting Shaker & Spoon directly could shed light on their sustainability efforts and ingredient sourcing.

Shakers & Spoon: The Verdict

Shaker & Spoon redefines online cocktail shopping with its unique monthly subscription model, offering all you need to mix up creative drinks at home. Positioned at a mid-tier price point, it provides exclusive, curated recipes and ingredients, and hints at organic and eco-friendly possibilities. It's perfect for cocktail lovers seeking convenience, quality, and a chance to discover new tastes and mixing methods. But if we were to talk about their ideal target market, while Shaker & Spoon is enticing for those eager to enhance their mixology skills, their subscription feature with the current price point may not be the best option for university students and mixology beginners.

Yes Cocktail Co.

Yes Cocktail Co. elevates the home mixology scene with a robust selection of craft cocktail supplies. Rooted in Paso Robles, California, they are dedicated to boosting your cocktail game with a line of mixers, syrups, bitters cubes, and garnishes, all proudly handcrafted to bar-quality standards.

Price Range

Yes Cocktail Co. offers its craft cocktail ingredients within a sweet spot of $15 to $20, striking a balance between affordability and premium quality. This range is perfect for those looking to elevate their home bar within the low-tier budget, offering exceptional value for handcrafted, all-natural mixers. Plus, their free shipping on orders over $100 sweetens the deal, making it even more tempting to stock up on these bar-quality essentials.

Exclusivity of Products

The exclusivity factor shines through Yes Cocktail Co.’s commitment to 100% all-natural ingredients and handcrafted production. Their products, made from scratch with an eye for craft spirits, are designed to complement rather than mask your chosen spirit. This approach not only sets their mixers apart but also caters to a clientele looking for unique, quality additions to their home bars.

Organic and Eco-friendly

Yes Cocktail Co. proudly states their use of all-natural fruits, herbs, botanicals, and spices, underscoring their dedication to quality and potentially eco-friendly practices. While the term "organic" isn't explicitly used, the emphasis on natural ingredients points to a mindful selection process that likely appeals to the eco-conscious consumer. Their approach suggests a commitment to sustainability and the environment, aligning with the values of those seeking ethical and pure cocktail ingredients.

Yes Cocktail Co: The Verdict

For both budding mixologists and seasoned cocktail enthusiasts looking to boost their home bar with quality, exclusivity, and eco-conscious products, Yes Cocktail Co. presents a compelling lineup. While those keen on specific organic certifications may need to do a bit more digging, the company's commitment to all-natural ingredients and handcrafted excellence positions it as a top pick for enriching your drinks with some of the best craft mixology supplies out there. On top of all this, with its economical price range, Yes Cocktail Co. becomes an accessible option for newcomers to the world of cocktails, offering an affordable pathway to explore and enjoy high-quality, artisanal cocktail ingredients.

Cocktail Emporium

Cocktail Emporium shines as Toronto's premier destination for all bar and cocktail needs, welcoming both amateur mixologists and seasoned professionals. Boasting physical stores at 972 Queen St West, 20 Kensington Ave, and Union Station, along with a robust online marketplace, this Canadian brand presents a wide array of bar tools, glassware, and cocktail ingredients. Not just limited to Canada, Cocktail Emporium extends its reach globally, shipping its top-quality cocktail supplies worldwide.

Price Range

Cocktail Emporium's product listings reveal a diverse price range that accommodates various budgets. From essential bar tools starting at accessible price points to premium bitters and syrups, prices span from economical options like Agave Syrup at $12 CAD ($9 USD) to more premium choices such as Small Hand Foods Pineapple Gum Syrup at $30 CAD ($23 USD). This variety ensures that both newcomers to mixology and seasoned cocktail makers can find something to suit their budget and taste.

Exclusivity of Products

The store prides itself on a vast selection of unique and hard-to-find cocktail ingredients and tools. With offerings like Potion House Bar Tools and an assortment of craft bitters and syrups, Cocktail Emporium is a treasure trove for those seeking exclusive products to enhance their cocktail experience. This exclusivity is especially appealing to those who wish to create bar-quality cocktails at home or professionals looking for rare finds.

Organic and Eco-friendly

While Cocktail Emporium’s focus appears to be on providing a wide range of cocktail essentials rather than specifically on organic or eco-friendly options, the inclusion of all-natural ingredients in some of their syrups and garnishes caters to the eco-conscious shopper. However, those prioritizing organic certifications or eco-friendly practices might need to look into each product's specifics or reach out to the store for detailed information about their offerings.

Cocktail Emporium: The Verdict

Cocktail Emporium serves as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to elevate their cocktail crafting, offering everything from beginner tools to exclusive ingredients. Its range in price points makes it accessible for hobbyists and professionals alike, while its unique product selection promises something special for every cocktail enthusiast. While it caters broadly to quality and variety, eco-conscious consumers may need to inquire further about organic and sustainable options, making Cocktail Emporium a versatile and inviting destination for all things cocktail.

Cocktail & Sons

Cocktail & Sons specializes in crafting award-winning syrups and mixers, emphasizing small-batch production with locally-grown produce. They are dedicated to enhancing both home and commercial bars with complex syrups for simple yet sophisticated drinks, proudly standing out for their commitment to natural ingredients and the absence of artificial colors or flavors.

Price Range

Cocktail & Sons makes indulging in premium cocktail syrups more tempting with free shipping on orders over $50, hinting at a wallet-friendly approach. Although specific prices aren't outlined here, their commitment to quality and small-batch production aligns with a mid-tier pricing strategy. Typically, their cocktail syrups are priced around the $16 to $17 range, striking the perfect balance for those eager to enhance their home bar without the free-shipping courtesy overspend.

Exclusivity of Products

Cocktail & Sons thrives on exclusivity, offering handcrafted syrups and mixers that are a product of careful selection of farm-fresh produce and Louisiana sugarcane. This dedication to quality and locality ensures each bottle is unique, catering to enthusiasts and professionals who desire standout ingredients for their drinks.

Organic and Eco-friendly

Echoing a strong eco-conscious ethos, Cocktail & Sons takes pride in using all-natural ingredients, steering clear of any artificial additives. Their commitment to farm-fresh produce not only underscores their support for local agriculture but also aligns with the preferences of eco-friendly consumers. While not explicitly stated, the brand's principles suggest a preference for sustainable practices, though those looking for certified organic products may wish to inquire further.

Cocktail & Sons: The Verdict

Cocktail & Sons is an ideal destination for those seeking to enhance their mixology with all-natural, handcrafted syrups and mixers. With a focus on small-batch production and quality ingredients sourced from local farms, this brand offers a unique blend of exclusivity and eco-friendliness. Perfect for both amateur and professional mixologists, Cocktail & Sons delivers a sophisticated edge to cocktails, ensuring that every drink is as authentic as it is delightful.

Bootblack Brand

Bootblack Brand’s unwavering commitment to overcome the mediocrity of affordable but average cocktails make it the perfect choice both for budget-conscious and quality-seeking mixologists. This brand marries the essence of old-world craft with a dash of contemporary flair, leveraging pure, fresh ingredients and an array of botanicals to redefine the standards for cocktail mixers, syrups, and sodas.

Championing the mantra of "small batch - huge flavor," Bootblack Brand embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence and ingenuity. This dedication resonates deeply with aficionados of artisanal beverages, offering a superior alternative for those who demand depth and distinction in their drinks.

Price Range

Positioned comfortably in the mid-premium sector, Bootblack Brand sets its pricing around the $20 mark. This reflects their unwavering commitment to selecting premium, natural ingredients and employing artisanal methods in their production. Though slightly above average pricing, it appeals to discerning consumers seeking unparalleled quality and authenticity in their cocktail components.

Exclusivity of Products

Bootblack Brand's portfolio, featuring innovative flavors like Ginger Cardamom Lime and Hibiscus Rose Cosmopolitan, exemplifies its edge in exclusivity. Tailored for the modern mixologist, these flavors provide a creative canvas for reimagining classic cocktails with a contemporary twist, making Bootblack Brand a beacon for those aspiring to elevate their mixology craft.

Organic and Eco-friendly

With a laser focus on natural components and small-batch processes, Bootblack Brand champions sustainable practices. This approach not only ensures the highest quality but also aligns with the preferences of environmentally mindful consumers.

Bootblack Brand: The Verdict

Distinguished by its dedication to crafting exceptional, nature-inspired concoctions without breaking the bank, Bootblack Brand stands as the obvious first choice for quality-driven mixologists . Its premium price is a testament to its artisanal approach and inventive spirit, promising to revolutionize the cocktail experience. For eco-conscious patrons and connoisseurs of distinctive, high-caliber mixers and syrups, Bootblack Brand sets the gold standard in the realm of craft cocktails.


As we wrap up the second part of our guide to the best online retailers for cocktail syrup, it's clear that the world of mixology is rich with possibilities. From subscription boxes filled with curated ingredients to artisanal syrups that prioritize natural and sustainable practices, these retailers offer a range of options to satisfy every mixologist's needs. 

Remember, the right syrup can transform your drinks from ordinary to extraordinary, making every sip a testament to your skill and creativity. We hope this guide inspires you to continue experimenting and perfecting your mixology art, one cocktail at a time. Cheers to more mixing, tasting, and discovering the perfect ingredients for your home bar!